Logging to Disk with REST Assured

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A common question that pops up now and again is how to configure REST Assured logs to be written to disk instead of printed to the console. The intention of this blog post is to demonstrate how this can be achieved. But first let’s look at how to use logging in REST Assured: Logging to […]


Kystrix – A Kotlin DSL for Hystrix

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Introduction When using a microservices based architecture you need to protect against other systems/services being down or slow when you interact with them. One common way to achieve this on the JVM is by using the Hystrix library from Netflix. We’re using


Connect Cursive to Figwheel REPL

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I’ve used Intellij for many years so for me Cursive is the natural choice for a Clojure development environment. A couple of months ago I started working on my first project that involved Clojurescript and while Cursive has great support for Clojurescript it wasn’t totally obvious to me how to connect it to a Figwheel […]


Markdown to PDF in MacOSX

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I tend to use markdown almost unconsciously when taking notes or expressing thoughts or ideas in a text editor. But on several occasions I’ve had the need to share what I’ve written with a non technical person and handing off markdown to them seems a bit so-so. So after a few of these incidences I […]