REST Assured in Kotlin

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REST Assured is a library for testing HTTP/REST based services on the JVM and version 4.1.0 made this experience even better for Kotlin developers by introducing a new Kotlin API. This blog-post will briefly introduce the new API and hopefully convince you that it’s preferable to the Java API if you’re using Kotlin. But first […]


Logging to Disk with REST Assured

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A common question that pops up now and again is how to configure REST Assured logs to be written to disk instead of printed to the console. The intention of this blog post is to demonstrate how this can be achieved. But first let’s look at how to use logging in REST Assured: Logging to […]


REST Assured with Kotlin

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REST Assured is an easy to use library for the JVM that allows you to test REST/HTTP based services. It has good support for Java, Groovy and Scala and in this blog post I want to share some small tips to make the Kotlin integration even smoother. Kotlin is a pretty interesting language developed by […]