Simple templating engine in Bash

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TL;DR: Checkout the template engine at github. When working with pods in Kubernetes I had the need to define environment variables for the pod from a file. This is currently not supported in the currently released version of Kubernetes (1.1). What I wanted to do was to have a template file, for example `pod-template.yaml`, that […]


Tail logs from multiple pods simultaneously in Kubernetes

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I’ve recently started working quite extensively with Kubernetes on Google Container Engine. But one thing that bugged me was that I couldn’t get logs from multiple pods simultaneously using the Google Cloud SDK (`kubectl`). This is something that you often want to do, at least if you run multiple instances of a pod behind a […]


REST Assured with Kotlin

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REST Assured is an easy to use library for the JVM that allows you to test REST/HTTP based services. It has good support for Java, Groovy and Scala and in this blog post I want to share some small tips to make the Kotlin integration even smoother. Kotlin is a pretty interesting language developed by […]