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REST Assured in Kotlin

REST Assured is a library for testing HTTP/REST based services on the JVM and version 4.1.0 made this experience even better for Kotlin developers by introducing a new Kotlin API. This blog-post will briefly introduce the new API and hopefully convince you that it’s preferable to the Java API if…

Kystrix – A Kotlin DSL for Hystrix

Introduction When using a microservices based architecture you need to protect against other systems/services being down or slow when you interact with them. One common way to achieve this on the JVM is by using the Hystrix library from Netflix. We’re using

A case for PowerMock?

PowerMock is well-known in the Java community and it’s one of these libraries people have a love-hate relationship with. It’s technically quite complex with custom classloaders, agents, byte-code manipulation and deep integration with test and mock frameworks. Even though I was a part of founding the library (which is now…

Docker Machine Port Forwarding

When using MacOSX and Docker you currently need Docker Machine. A problem that you’ll run into very soon is port forwarding. For example when starting tomcat:

This expose tomcat on port 8888 on the host and maps it to port 8080 in the container. So you should be able…